For Bloggers

Who can join?

At the moment, we are only adding bloggers to the network on a word-of-mouth basis. This in order to maintain the unique, dynamic spirit of the group. We are not just bloggers, we are colleagues and friends. Though if you think you’ll be just right for the group, send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

You will need to have at least 5000 page views/YouTube views per month verified by GoogleAnalytics. This is not to discriminate, but rather a way to make sure that we can demand a decent payment for our campaigns. Because the value of our services is directly related to our reach, we have agreed on these numbers to make sure that a collaboration will benefit both the bloggers and the brands, we are working with. Because even if you have the most engaged readers or followers in the world, it is difficult to justify charging $100 (our minimum price) if only 10 people are reading your post. As an active member of the network, we expect that you publish at least 6 blog posts per month in order to be eligible for collaborations.

XOXO Collective works as one entity when approaching companies, and even though we have different segments, your blog must have a broad audience to be able to join. We are therefore primarily looking for lifestyle bloggers, travel bloggers and food bloggers, who can write with authority about a wide range of topics, and who can endorse a wide range of products and services in a credible way.

Authenticity and honesty is very important to us. Nobody wants to read a blog, which only consists of sponsored content, and even worse, sponsored content, which is not marked as such. We therefore require that your blog has a maximum of 25% sponsored content over a running 30-day period. This means that on average, no more than every fourth post can be advertisement or sponsored content (including unpaid events such as restaurant visits you’ve been invited to).

Honesty is another thing we treasure, so all blog posts you have received compensation (either monetary or in goods) must be clearly marked as sponsored posts or advertisement. This must be done in the beginning of the post according to international guidelines. If you have been invited to review a restaurant, and you did not pay for your meal, this must also be disclosed in the beginning of the post. All photos on your blog must be your own, or you must have obtained explicit permission to publish the photos on your blog.

Furthermore, we will ask you to share your Google Analytics stats with us by giving XOXO Collective Read & Analyze permission in your admin panel (we will tell you how). Your individual stats will not be shared with anyone, but we put together the common figures for each segments in XOXO Collective in order to show our business partners, what they are paying for.

All bloggers participating in a campaign are paid equally, and prior to any collaborations, you will sign a freelance contract stating the terms and conditions. The requirements from our side would typically concern the length of a post, number of images and the social media channels to include. You can always turn down a project, which does not align with your values. You are of course allowed to take on other projects and collaborations outside XOXO Collective, and you are free to leave XOXO Collective whenever you like.

Contrary to other networks, we will not ask you to apply for projects. When we have something which we think will suit you, we will send you an offer, which you then decide whether to accept or not. In order to secure a steady stream of collaborations to all members, we keep the number of members within each city and segment small.


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