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Hi! I’m Sofia, an Australian, Indonesian and Spanish lady and I have lived in eight countries, so we could say I’m very multicultural. I currently live in Barcelona. When I’m not cooking, blogging -or doing my day job- I love being out in nature, making photos and playing the piano. My specialty is playing miserable classical piano, and thus driving everyone around me mad.

I began my blog, Papaya Pieces, in 2013, strictly as a culinary blog with easy recipes for busy people. Even though I don’t currently work as such, I’m a qualified pharmacist with a few years of nutritional studies up my sleeve, so once in a while I get a bit nerdy with regards to nutrition. When I first started blogging, I was also quite shy. But as I evolved in the blogging world, things got a bit out of hand, and now my blog covers homemade cooking, travel and lifestyle.

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