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Hi, I’m Julia, a Vienna-based frequent traveller, part time blogger and hobby photographer. Travelling is my greatest passion and I’m constantly moving between New York, Bangkok and Vienna, but I’m always on search for new destinations. My second passion is cooking and food: I love to try new recipes and restaurants!

The main focus of my blog is my travels – conscious traveling is very important to me and I hope to inspire people to pack their bags, go out and explore! I want to provide honest and useful travel tips, beautiful photography and background information of the places I am visiting. I also like to share my experiences from my past as a round-the-world backpacker.  You’ll also find me blogging about my favourite restaurants and cafés in Vienna; now and then you’ll find a recipe of local and international dishes as well.

I speak German and English fluently and I’m interested in studying new languages. On a good day I might be able to speak some Korean and Italian too 😉



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