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XOXO Collective

Why work with us?

The nature of social media can be hard to grasp, and for the uninitiated, it is easy to get the impression that you are throwing your money into a big black hole. Furthermore, some influencers are hesitant to give away their statistics, making it even harder to evaluate the outcome.

At XOXO Collective, we believe that the value of a collaboration cannot be determined from numbers only, but reach and impact is interconnected and we do acknowledge that a certain number of page views is crucial in order to get your message out there. At XOXO Collective we are all well-established bloggers with a solid readership. XOXO Collective thus eliminates most of the uncertainty and risk traditionally related to social media marketing. Most of our members have backgrounds in business, finance and marketing, so in addition to creating great content, we are also able to provide you with guidance and expertise in designing your campaign to maximize the impact. After each finished campaign, we will prepare a detailed report of the outcome.



We are able to provide you with detailed stats for the group through Google Analytics, so you will know in advance approximately what you can expect, in terms of reach, demographics and engagement. If something happens to go viral, it’s just extra icing on the cake, which we will not charge you extra for:)


We are bringing social back in social media

We are not just online colleagues, we are also friends, and we think it shows, both in how we deal with each other, and how we will be dealing with your brand. Being a closely knit group allows us to cross-promote content in a credible way, and the synergy created is a central part of our value proposition. We even have a common blog and a YouTube channel. This is a unique approach and the value of working with us by far surpasses the sum of working with a group of random bloggers.


We know social media

All the people behind XOXO Collective are bloggers. Most of us have been blogging for many years, and when it comes to our readers, we know what works and what does not.


What we do:

Campaigns, brand ambassadorship, destination endorsement and other collaborations. Do you have an idea? Let us help you take it further!

Send us an email: [email protected]


What we don’t do:

Link placement, unpaid product reviews and collaborations, which don’t align with our values.